We prefer to stick to the roadmap. The planned features herein may vary. Some updates may be done, while others may be delayed.
Please wait for a wider roadmap to be prepared.


  • Research Web2 social protocols
  • Preparation of the project architecture
  • Blockchain compliance process
  • Research on ensuring data privacy: Privacy3
  • Recruitment and Team Building
  • Branding creation
  • Launch website & docs

2023 | Q1

  • Subsmate Core v1.1 - Closed Beta
  • Final: Subs-Publicate Module
  • Profile-NFT launch on Core v1.1
  • Subs101: Token Creation and Utilities
  • SUBS Token Deployment
  • Audit: Subs Token and Public Sale Portal
  • Public Sale Round - Subsmate Token
  • Token Launch (TGE) on Arbitrum

2023 | Q2

  • Audit: Dapp and Vault contracts
  • Testnet Live: Subsmate v1.1
  • Storage on IPFS and Data Privacy
  • NFT contract development and deployment for profile, subscription and some modules
  • 2nd Audit: Dapp, Vault, storage and NFT Contracts
  • Creator marketing and some local events

2023 | Q3

  • Beta Mainnet: Subsmate v1.1 (chain-1)
  • Mainnet Live: Subsmate v1.1
  • Multichain Deployment
  • Dapp Statistics & Vault Analytics
  • Minor update for Subsmate v1.1 to v1.2
  • Crosschain compatible payment flow -cross bridge protocol-

2023 | Q4

  • Secondary Marketplace for Subsmate NFTs
  • Subsmate Token Utility Upgrade
  • Automated KYC verification
  • Native swap protocol for creators and users


  • Major upgrade for Subsmate v1.2 to v2.0
  • SubsLand on Testnet
  • SubsLand release and deployment
  • MetaCity on Testnet
  • MetaCity release and deployment